Leadership in Innovation
Leadership in Innovation
One World Technologies, Inc.
One World Technologies, Inc.

Welcome to One World Technologies, Inc.

If you would like help navigating the fast pace of digital video technology, I'm sure we can find just the right path for your business.


One World Technologies, Inc. has an unparalleled history of accomplishments and reputation for successfully traversing the worldwide landscape of digital television. 


Building & operating professional cloud based workflows since 1997. 


Patents Granted


7207057; System and method for collaborative, peer-to-peer creation, management & synchronous, multi-platform distribution of profile-specified media objects (filed 11/16/2001, Granted 4/17/2007)


6792615; Encapsulated, streaming media automation and distribution system (filed 5/19/1999, Granted 9/14/2004) A Primary inventor, One World Technologies, Inc. holds unlimited, no cost rights to design, deploy and sell systems and services based on this Patent.

About Us

One World Technologies, Inc. is a full service consulting, integration and product distribution firm specializing in the planning, design, provision, implementation and management of broadcast, cable, satellite, DTH, multimedia, IPTV, OTT, wireless and interactive products, networks, applications, systems, new ventures and special events for Broadcast, Media, Enterprise, Government and Military operations.


When learning on the job is not an option, One World Technologies, Inc. has the combined expertise and resources  to manage the challenges of competing in a world of dynamically changing technology, regulation and competition.


Consulting; Project Management; Strategic & Tactical Business Planning; Regulatory Analysis; Product Development; Business Development


Services; System Design & Integration; Product Distribution; Equipment & Software Provisioning; Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Network & Broadcast Operations & Engineering; Special Events Planning & Management; Outsourcing


Program Syndication; Satellite and Fiber Capacity Brokerage