Leadership in Innovation
Leadership in Innovation
One World Technologies, Inc.
One World Technologies, Inc.

Leadership in Innovation of Visualization, Analytics & Big Data Managed Services

One World Technologies has been involved in a variety of projects of which the following is a partial listing;


  • Development of Big Data Analytics & Visualization as a managed services for the transition to a global, dynamic, digital video ecosystem
  • Development of Cuban Telecom, Film & TV production services and Event Marketing
  • Development of VR - AR live productions systems
  • Development of Networkcentric, Professional Workflows for News, Sports,  Network operations & OTT distribution
  • Stragetic Analysis & Recommendations for the Btoadcasting Board of Governors (VOA, RFE, RFA, etc.)
  • Development and marketing of low cost HD production and distribution infrastructure for live News, Local TV Station, Mobile and Multi-Tier operations
  • Development of broadband distribution of streaming, store & forward media content & applications for the implementation of interactive digital signage 
  • Development of Owned Station group collaborative TV production, asset management and distribution system
  • Development of IP based remote news & studio production systems for broadband TV contribution and distribution
  • Development of broadband wireless applications for Military, Broadcast & Enterprise operations
  • Broadcast operations for NBA China and FIBA 2005 and 2006 Continental Cup Championships
  • Development of Biometric Security products for access control and surveillance operations
  • Application development for extended memory database computing platform
  • Development and marketing of integrated WM9/DRM solutions for the secure distribution of streaming and stored content for Comcast
  • Management of telecommunications and TV operations requirements for the Korean Pool for Athens Olympics coverage
  • Development, planning, implementation and operation of Host Broadcaster products and services for world class sporting events for the Korean Broadcasting Consortium
  • Development of central-casting systems for US owned TV station groups
  • Provision of English Language Daily Summary services for the Daegu Universiade
  • Business development of next generation, supercomputing platforms for national security, medical, financial and graphics rendering applications
  • Strategic planning for PBS next generation network
  • Development of scalable, peer-to-peer collaborative services and systems for multi-platform media creation, management & distribution
  • Operational model analysis for NG&A regarding new content channel startups
  • Development of Interactive, multi-platform channels for: New Horizons Telecasting (WeatherPlus), New Vision Television (College Television Network) & United Video (TV Games Network)
  • Technology due diligence work for Ignite Sports Media (now Sportsvision) related to the acquisition of media technology companies
  • Development of satellite based, Internet connectivity products for USAsiacom, Inc.
  • Market planning and strategic planning for Belgacom
  • Business, broadcast operations and network planning for three new cable and/or DTH program networks targeted for launch in Europe as well as North and South America
  • Market research and analysis of European, Asia/Pacific, Latin American and Middle Eastern markets regarding the viability of DTH and satellite based Internet/multimedia products
  • Market research and analysis for a domestic US Ku/Ka band interactive services
  • Management of telecommunications planning and engineering for Murdock’s Latin American DTH venture with Televisa and TV Globo
  • Management of Coca Cola Olympic City broadcast operations and marketing
  • Management of Atlanta Summer Olympics SNG requirements for Television Broadcasting, Ltd. (TVB) of Hong Kong and the Asian Broadcast Union (ABU)
  • Consulted on facility planning for start-up of AlphaStar; a new digital, multi-channel satellite network
  • Management of telecommunications planning, operations and engineering for numerous TV/Cable network operated by Central European Media Enterprises (CME); i.e., Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech & Slovak Republics
  • Development of Baseball coverage and cable distribution products for Cox Communications
  • Marketing of remote process control devices for video, audio and data  production, compressed SNG & wireless PBX applications

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