Leadership in Innovation
Leadership in Innovation
One World Technologies, Inc.
One World Technologies, Inc.

Leadership in Innovation of Live & Programmatic Workflow Automation

Lynn T. Rowe has owned and operated One World Technologies, Inc. (formerly Telecom International) since 1991.

Lynn T. Rowe




+1 561 414 7650


A thirty eight (38) year veteran of the Television and Telecommunications industry, Lynn T. Rowe has been a consultant and key executive in a wide array of 'cutting edge,' global scale broadcasting, cable and communications projects.

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One World Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Lynn T. Rowe

417 Park Blvd. N.,

Venice, Florida 34285

Phone:  +1 941 244-4450

Mobile: +1 561 414 7650


Email: lrowe@oneworldtech.com

URL: www.oneworldtech.com

SKYPE: tcomwiz


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