Leadership in Innovation
Leadership in Innovation
One World Technologies, Inc.
One World Technologies, Inc.

Leadership in OTT, Hybrid Cloud, Virtualization, Collaboration & Distribution

Provision of OTT, Hybrid Cloud, Virtualization, Collaboration & Distribution services. Decades o,f proven performance in navigating the worldwide digital media highway.


We can help you reinvent and reinvigorate your business.

An overview of our benefits

  • An unparalleled understanding of the industries and regulatory dynamics impacting the digital convergence
  • A proven ability to utilize digital telecommunications and video technologies to successfully develop new and reinvigorate traditional business models
  • A long tradition of "best of breed" design, build and operate achievements involving digital television and telecommunications technologies
  • A worldwide network or "best of breed" professionals


Current Projects

  • Temujin LLC Big Data, Analytics & Visualization
  • OTT Cloud Virtualization & Collaboration
  • Programmatic Linear & VOD Channel origination as a Service
  • Realtime Broadcast (RTB) Ad Insertion as a Service
  • Boutique Application Development & Creative Agency

Areas of Expertise

  • Research, Analysis & Business Planning
  • Project Management
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Production Development and Management
  • Application Development
  • Network Architect
  • System Integration
  • VAR


  • NAB
  • SVG

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Get in touch with us at +1 561 414 7650. We look forward to your call!

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One World Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Lynn T. Rowe

417 Park Blvd. N.,

Venice, Florida 34285

Phone: +1 941 244-4450

Mobile: +1 561 414 7650+1 561 414 7650


Email: lrowe@oneworldtech.com

URL: www.oneworldtech.com

SKYPE: tcomwiz


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